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Travel Light Like a Pro With These 4 Tips

Extra baggage is always never good. Usually, that is a big red flag in life, but more importantly, it is not good when traveling to places. When you embark on an adventure, you wouldn’t want to fall behind your tour group because of your stuff. You wouldn’t want to miss out on island hopping activities because you packed too many things that you’re afraid to leave behind. Thus, the next time you get the chance to travel, remember to pack light for a better experience.

Whether you are going abroad or simply going on a trip, knowing what to pack and what to leave behind is essential. It defines and sets the tone of your trip. Is it going to go smoothly, or are you going to be dragged behind by your baggage? Which is it?

If you feel like you cannot possibly have everything you need when you pack light essential stuff only, this guide will help you out.

Pack Three to Four Pairs of Clothes

When you are traveling, keep in mind that you are not going to need your whole wardrobe. Yes, it is fun and healthy to be dressing up to boost your confidence. However, when traveling, you should put comfort first before fashion. You do not need to be carrying multiple pairs to mix and match. What you can do is plan your clothes the way you plan your meals at home. Pack them in pairs, and make sure that the shoes you bring would match and work with every single one.

Do not also forget function. If you wish to visit Australia and check out land options for sale, you must pack fewer jackets and more cotton tees. It won’t also hurt to forget about your boots and bring sandals instead. You should bring those you would feel comfortable walking around the city and strolling by the beach in.

Lastly, you should know how to fold your clothes properly. Remember that packing them in a suit is different when you are simply putting them away in your closet. While there are multiple ways to fold clothes, Marie Kondo has the most efficient and best one yet. If you haven’t watched her Netflix series, this is a sign that you should.

Carry the Bathroom Essentials

While you can always go with disposables and hotel-provided bathroom essentials, it is always best to have your own. When you are traveling, make sure that you have your own toothbrush, towels, and soap. In the age of post-pandemic, bringing your own hygiene products is only necessary. You should not be sharing anything with anyone. This is applicable for tourists sharing rooms with others or travelers staying in capsules and transient homes.

An organizer will help you pack these things more easily. A storage organizer that is foldable and waterproof is the ideal one, but any small pouch would do. Lastly, if you are female, do not forget your emergency stash of pads and tampons. You would never know where and when you are going to be surprised.

Have a Body Bag

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Have you ever experienced rummaging your backpack for your passports while you are in the airport queue? Well, the experience could be mortifying, especially when people behind you start wondering and staring about the fuss. Do not let this happen, and make sure you have a body bag. A body bag helps you have all the essential items you would need close to you. How convenient, right? Your wallet, spare change, keys, passports, tickets, phones, and snacks should all be in your body bag. This is so you wouldn’t have to rummage through your bag or even make an effort to do so.

Anticipate Extra Baggage to Bring Home

The last item on our list is about the things you would definitely take home. After all, what is the point of going to new places if you are not going to take home new memories and new things? Traveling light does not end before you and take your flight; it is also about packing before going home. Surely, there would be shirts, mugs, maps, etc., that will take space in your luggage. Hence, you should anticipate this beforehand. Either you leave space in advance or have another bag with you.

When you are traveling to places, it is vital that you pack smartly and light. If not, you would be surprised to go home after a week and realize you didn’t even touch half of what you brought. Think about it.


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