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Traveling as a Learning Experience

Traveling is fun. Perhaps, that’s the simplest way travelers can explain why they like to travel. But it’s more than just fun, traveling itself is an avenue to learn more about yourself and life in general. It throws people out of their comfort zone and challenges them to be better. Be it, seasoned travelers or rookies, there’s a lot of lessons to be learned by traveling, and here are some of them:

Face your fears and explore new things.

When you live your day-to-day doing the same thing over and over, you either become comfortable or you get sick of it. But neither of those two is ideal for self-improvement. You need to have a change of pace, something that pushes your boundaries and challenges you. Travelling gives you that, and more.

Understand and appreciate different cultures.

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When you move out of your usual four walls and go to different places (both within the country and abroad), you get to see the world in a way you never have. Even if the Internet and television show us glimpses of what life is outside of our country, it is very different when experienced first hand. Not only do we get to appreciate the differences in each other’s culture, but we also realize the similarities and the fact that in the end, we’re all just the same humans here on Earth.

Patience Truly Is A Virtue.

It’s exciting to be on the road. There is a sense of freedom like you can do whatever you set your mind to. But things don’t always go our way. A flat tire, an empty gas tank, a busted engine, anything can happen on the road. But again, you can do whatever you set your mind to. Focus on your goals, stay calm, and figure out how to solve your problems without panicking.

Meet New People (And Create Lasting Friendships).

Whenever we travel, we’re constantly reminded of people. Different places have different people, often with different cultures and languages. By traveling, we’re being exposed to a wider world of human connection. Be it exchanging stories with fellow nomads or travelers, to learning more about the local folk, traveling gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Try talking to a random stranger the next time you travel, you might end up having a new friend instead.

Learn The Beauty and Value of Nature.

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Traveling to Hongkong, Singapore, Berlin, New York, and all those other city areas is great. We can see the culture and the power of humans, but there’s a benefit in enjoying the quaintness of nature too. You can leave the hustle and bustle of the city, recenter yourself and find the fun in peace and quiet. You can even take this step further by volunteering in a clean-up drive. This way, you can show your appreciation to nature by doing the least you can do- make sure nature is clean.

Value Experience over Possessions.

You can order almost anything online. You can even buy souvenirs to places you’ve never been to! This is where experience trumps almost everything else: not everyone can say they’ve been on an exciting ATV tour in a national park or have seen and appreciated the Great Barrier Reef. Possessions come and go, and you can even lose them and never remember them- but the experience is something that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Go With The Flow.

Planning too much can sometimes get in the way of being in the moment. That’s why many people actually like going on random trips, buying a ticket to a place they’ve never been to before with very few plans. Sometimes, going in blind can lead to a more profound experience, one that’s filled with many learning opportunities.

Mental and Physical Health.

Simply put, traveling helps keep us healthy. And this goes beyond the physical sense of things, not just that. When we travel, our mind is constantly stimulated by new experiences, it’s never given a chance to grow old. Those who learn to never stop playing never grow old, and those who travel a lot are very much similar.

Learning Is a Life-Long Process.

We can never stop learning- the moment we stop learning, that’s probably the end of the line for us. By constantly traveling (and by extension, learning), we keep ourselves young and open to new ideas. After all, experience and making mistakes is the greatest mentor- and traveling is filled with both.

Traveling requires commitment, effort, and planning. But it’s very much worth it. All the benefits we can reap from traveling are but the icing on the cake of how fun it is.

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