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Tricks that Make Your Look Slimmer on Your Wedding Day, With or Without Losing Weight

Even though your fiancé never fails to remind you that he loves you, flabs and flaws and all, it’s totally normal to still desire a slimmer body for your wedding day. After all, more styles fit a leaner physique, not to mention you won’t have to worry about a muffin top showing through your dress.

If you don’t have enough time for the gym, you can pay a visit to a trusted aesthetic clinic and have your unwanted body fat instantly vanished. But if you’re strictly saving up your money for your dream wedding, that may not be a practical option. Still, it’s fast, hassle-free, and effective.

Luckily, there’s no need to panic and purge so that you’d slim down before your big day. Below are some tricks to make you look more sculpted, skinny, and confident as you get hitched:

1. Stick to a Nutritious, Balanced Diet

Decreasing your calorie intake, or trying out diet fads isn’t a sustainable and long-term weight loss method. To achieve your desired weight, which should be a healthy one, a nutritious, well-balanced diet is key.

Instead of focusing on the numbers, adjust the ratio of different food groups, and macronutrients in your diet. This will slim you down safely, as it won’t starve or overly-deprive you.

To flatten your belly, cut down on carbs, and increase protein intake. Studies have found that consuming 25% to 30% of calories from lean protein will trim down more body fat, and raise the number of calories you’ll burn from rest.

Load up on fiber-rich foods as well. They will curb your hunger, improve your digestion, and fill you with vitamins and other nutrients.

If you enjoy your wine nights, daily iced coffee, or both, abstain or limit your intake for a time, because alcohol and caffeine tend to have plenty of sugars, and can cause dehydration.

Fatty food isn’t bad, as long as they’re monounsaturated fats or polyunsaturated fats. Trans fat and saturated fats are what you should avoid instead.

And most importantly, don’t skip meals! Missing meal times may cause you to binge, and deprive you of essential nutrients.

2. Choose the Right Dress

The trick to looking slim underneath your dress is accentuating your assets. Don’t be afraid of showing off your curves; they’ll draw attention away from your unwanted features.

If you’re particularly confident with your overall shape, consider a fishtail gown. It hugs your figure from your shoulders down to your thighs, highlighting your chest, waist, and hips. The “tail”, which is the skirt of the gown, is usually dramatic and ruffled, making you look like a real mermaid. The fishtail gown is perfect for athletic and curvy brides.

If you have a pear-shaped body, balance out your big hips in a dress with rolled tulle straps. Choose a design with flowers or any other accent on your smallest parts to draw the eye there. And to add a bigger wow factor, consider a sensual V-back bodice.

To disguise your petite physique as statuesque, try a strapless, A-line wedding dress. A sweetheart neckline will make it look even more stunning, especially if the bodice is ornately embroidered or beaded. Make the waistline dropped as well for an elongated torso effect.

And if you wish to emphasize your newly-toned shoulders, opt for a gown with an illusion bateau neckline and a Chantilly lace bodice. It’ll accentuate your upper body, which is convenient if you’re not very fond of your lower half.

3. Don the Perfect Hairstyle

Some face shapes just tend to look chubby even if there’s barely any cheek fat in them. But if chubby cheeks are really your problem, the hairstyle tricks for round or square faces can also make you appear sculpted and sharply contoured.

If you’d rather keep your hair down, consider chopping it off into layered or textured bob style. It’ll conceal a prominent jawline, and make a longer face look slightly shorter. The volume it will add to your locks will also make the style effortlessly chic.

But if you like your hair longer, grow it out so you can wear side-swept beachy braids. They’re perfect for Bohemian, barn, and beach weddings. And of course, the style will elongate your face and thus slim it down.

Bangs are also a good trick to make a round face appear slender. Be it side, side-swept, tapered, or full, they’ll reduce the width of your forehead and give your face more definition.

If you’re going for a classic bun, add layers to it, so that the extra volume will slim down your face. It can also balance out a prominent jawline.

Do keep in mind that being a little bigger doesn’t make you a less beautiful bride. No matter your size or shape, it’s always your confidence that’ll you make you more beautiful, so don’t pressure yourself to lose weight or fit into a smaller dress. Your best feature on your big day will be your smile.

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