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Turning 50 Soon? Here’s What You Should Worry About

Retirement shouldn’t be the only thing in your mind when you’re about to turn 50. It is at this age when people begin to experience all sorts of malaise. Whether it be their lower back hurting or their joints weakening or their muscles inflamed, there are too many variables to one’s health when life turns a corner toward the great 5-0. But instead of focusing on what hurts your back, legs, head, arms, and basically every muscle in your body, why not try to address this as early as today?

Face Your Family’s Medical History

What is in your family’s medical history? Do you have a history of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc.? It’s not a great feeling to talk about what kind of illnesses your grandparents, uncles, aunts, and parents have or had, but it’s a necessary discussion that you need to open up. Knowing what runs in your genes will help you face the music better. That also goes for the rest of the family members. Even your kids will face these health issues in the future.

Get Used to At-home Test Kits

Fortunately, modern medical technology afforded people the ability to take home test kits. You can take an at-home test for colon cancer, seeing as most colorectal cancers occur in people 50 years and older. Plus, it is also the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women combined. If you’re turning 50 soon, this is one of the things you have to get screened for, especially if someone in your family already had it.

One other screening test kit for women that you can take is the breast and ovarian cancer home screening test. Genes and aging greatly increase the chances of breast and ovarian cancer, so women must make sure that they get tested for these two types of cancers. The good thing about this is once the test detects the cancer cells, your doctor can immediately draw up a cancer prevention plan.

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See a Periodontist

An often-neglected topic when people are turning 50 is their oral health. Do you know that you can prevent many illnesses when you take care of your teeth, gums, and mouth? From diabetes to heart diseases to autoimmune diseases, you can prevent these by simply visiting a dentist at least twice a year. Your mouth is the gateway to many kinds of viruses and germs, so make sure you have clean and healthy gums to prevent these. Aside from those facts, a strong set of teeth in old age will help you maintain your diet.

Manage Your Mental Health

Although more than 95% of people who are 50 years and older feel that they are satisfied with their lives, women have to go through another hurdle as they turn 50 years old. Their hormones will shift because of menopause. Some of them may even feel depressed, which is why it’s important to do simple activities and workouts that will improve their moods. To boost your mood, make sure to sit less and move more. Do you know that sitting for more than seven hours a day increases the likelihood of depression?

Update Your Vaccines

As people grow older, they lose much of the protection they got from their vaccines when they were younger. Make sure you are up-to-date with your vaccines, especially those that you haven’t had a booster for a while. Visit your doctor to know when you need to get boosters for shots you had 10 to 20 years ago. Many of those vaccines are still critical for people right now.

Your body may no longer have the ability to produce as many “fighter” cells to destroy infections, so it’s up to you and your doctor to help your body with the right vaccines. Also, take care of your immune system by following a proper and balanced diet and exercising regularly. Hydrating and drinking vitamins and supplements will also do you great at this point in your life.

Old age may sometimes make people insecure about their physical health. Your age should be a non-factor to the things you want to do but only if you take good care of it. Whether it be getting your vaccines or getting tested or following a strict diet to keep your physical health up, make sure to be fully aware of what you are feeling. People have to be honest with themselves about any possible health problems they might have to face in the future. The recognition that there is a problem is always the first step to addressing any health issue.

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