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Types of Above-Ground Burials

Most people only think of two interment options when facing the death of a loved one. These include cremation and an in-ground burial. These have after all been the only interment options in the past. Nowadays however you have a third option for burial.

This is an above-ground burial where the deceased is entombed in a structure which is above rather than in the ground. Above-ground burials are common in places with a high water table where groundwater would damage the body and is at risk of contamination from the bodies.

A funeral arrangements provider in Salt Lake City is essential when planning for an above-ground burial to guarantee the burial is flawless. This provider also takes care of most of the elements involved in your loved one’s funeral and gives you enough space and time to grieve.

Here are the above-ground burial options you currently have.

Community Mausoleums

These are generally constructed of granite and in most cases feature large stately structures. There are different options for burial in a community mausoleum. These include a garden or indoor mausoleum.

The indoor mausoleum features climate-controlled crypts to keep the remains in perfect state and make the environment comfortable for visitors. A garden mausoleum only comprises outdoor-facing crypts in covered alleyways. A community mausoleum is generally the cheapest option for an above-ground burial of both caskets and urns for cremated remains.

Private Mausoleums

urn with candles besideThough a preserve of prominent families in the past, the cost of private mausoleums is no longer prohibitive, and hence more and more families are investing in them. The mausoleum is custom made for your family and features a door with a room containing different crypts for holding people’s remains.

Private mausoleums are built on a specific part of a public cemetery, which can be additionally customized by different landscaping features. Although their initial cost is high, it guarantees your family a special burial site for generations in the future. They can be used for both cremated remains and caskets.


These are structures or rooms designed for the housing of cremated remains. A columbarium is a permanent memorial which comprises several cremation niches which resemble cubbyholes with secure fronts. It can be public or private and features different types of front niches.

Bronze-front niches will have a bronze with the deceased details engraved while granite-front niches have laser-etched details. Glass-front niches act like shadow boxed and allow the viewing of the contents inside the columbaria. They are often used for displaying a deceased’s favorite items or notes to them.

Estate Areas

These are designed in unique ways to memorialize different people. Although commonly used for veterans in the past, they can be used for all people.

There are different types of above-ground burial estates including gated, bench and walled ones. They all feature exceptional landscaping and different kinds of lawn crypts which contain caskets or cremation urns.

The above burial options might be more expensive compared to traditional in-ground burials, but they are worth it. They are after all space-saving and will allow the burial of several people is the same ground area. Moreover, above-ground burial offers more stylish options for a memorial compared to in-ground burial.

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