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Types of Products for Beard Care

Beards are currently all the rage in the men’s fashion world. Growing one needs effort, and you should thus take all the steps to take care of it and style it to look good. In a mostly clean-cut world, beards are a symbol of rebellion that will set you apart from the average Joe.

Moreover, beards will make you look mature, healthy and trustworthy. There are nonetheless multiple issues to contend with when growing a beard. Itchy skin and frizzy beards are just some of the most common ones.

Elemis skincare understands that taking care of your beard requires the right products. This way, you will be guaranteed of an exceptionally looking beard that is thriving. Furthermore, skin issues like itches with the right products will be a thing of the past.

The following are some of the must-have products for beard care.

Beard Oil

Without oil, your beard will become crunchy and dry, and prone to breaks and snags when combing. The best beard oil is based on a lightweight carrier oil like jojoba oil. This mimics the skin’s natural oils and replaces the oil you will lose when washing your beard.

Some budget-range beard oils contain olive oil. Even so, this is a heavy carrier oil that will sit on your beard’s surface instead of getting absorbed into the beard and skin. It will thus stain your collar and not do much for your beard’s look or health.

Beard Wax and Balm

Bearded manFor those with frizzy and hard to control beards, beard waxes and balms are a must-have. The terminology of what constitutes these products is somewhat vague, but they are a blend of waxes, butter and natural oil in varying quantities.

These products act like leave-in beard conditioners and styling products that leave your beard looking well-kept. There are also moustache waxes that keep moustaches out of your mouth and maintain their natural look.

Beard Wash

Your face will produce less oil compared to your head. To this end, you cannot use a hair wash or your face wash for the beard. A beard wash that is essentially shampoo for your beard is the same as a face wash, so there is no harm using it for your face as well.

Beard washes rather than hair shampoos and regular face wash lather your beard and clean it thoroughly, leaving it smelling clean and fresh.

Beard Conditioner

Some of the shine on your beard will be lost when washing it. To restore this shine and soften and detangle your beard, a conditioner is essential. The beard conditioner should be applied and left to soak for about two minutes to leave your beard feeling soft.

In winter, when your beard feels dry, you can use the conditioner in place of your wash.

Other than the above products, you will need the right tools for grooming your beard. These include electric razors, combs, scissors, shaving brushes and hair dryers. You will clean your beard with the beard wash and soften it using a beard conditioner.

After this, massage beard oil to rehydrate the beard and run a comb to distribute the oil into your beard and align its hairs.

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