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Types of Services Included in Live-In Care for Seniors

With advancing age, the need for assistance with various aspects from a caregiver becomes essential. This might be because of medical conditions or the typical issues associated with aging. In the past, elderly care was generally available in senior housing programs.

More seniors are however opting for care in their homes. Thankfully, there is now a care solution for those who choose to remain in their houses. One of the solutions for senior home healthcare services in Sandpoint lies in in-house care.

This is a 24-hour care service which focuses on keeping the senior as comfortable as possible in their home. Unlike in most home care options, live-in care involves one or two caregivers. This provides care consistency for the patient and gives them a chance to foster a relationship with the caregiver.

Here are some of the services a live-in carer will advance.

Respite Care

For seniors who are transitioning from hospital to home care, respite care is essential. The caregiver, in this case, will administer medication to the patient and if need be, wound care.

This ensures the patient is as comfortable as possible and they recover faster compared with when their loved ones are the primary caregivers.

In most cases, the live-in caregiver for a senior with medical issues has medical training. They will also help the patient with personal care activities like bathing and dressing if necessary.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Caregiver's hands holding the patients handIn this type of live-in care, the caregiver supports the patients so that they live as independently as possible in their homes. There might be some environmental modifications including way finders and color-coded reminders to help the patient remember places.

In most cases, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients who opt for live-in care have better control of their condition owing to the familiar home environment.

Companionship and Light Housekeeping

With advanced age, children move out, and in most cases, the elderly family member is left alone. Lack of companionship is the leading cause of stress-related conditions, and this has a significant impact on the senior’s life.

An in-house carer will offer companionship for the senior. Housekeeping is generally a challenging task for the elderly. The carer will help with light housekeeping activities such as cleaning, shopping, cooking, running errands and laundry.

These services will prove vital in keeping the senior’s health in top shape by providing healthy meals throughout and maintaining a clean environment.

Palliative and Hospice Care

For patients with life-limiting conditions, live-in care might be the best choice to spend maximum time with their loved ones — this type of care centers on making the patient as comfortable and healthy as possible.

As such, the care involves the administration of medication, exercise, psychotherapy, and other services which meet the patient’s needs.

At first, the idea of welcoming a stranger into your home might seem daunting. Senior care companies, however, have rigorous background screening for their staff, and hence you can rest assured you are safe. The company will also ensure you get someone who you are as comfortable as possible with to ease the experience.

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