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Types of Videos for Online Adverts

Videos have attracted some of the highest returns in marketing. This is because they capture a client’s attention better than plain text would. Moreover, they allow you to get messages across which would be challenging and at times impossible with text and image-based ads. Video adverts were confined to television sets in the past but nowadays form an integral element of online marketing. You cannot afford to use a poorly shot or edited video for your marketing irrespective of the ad’s platform.

A corporate video production company should be your first stop when you decide to use video adverts. The work done by the company is more than the simple shooting of a video. Your consultation will start with an identification of which video type will have the highest impact on your bottom line. The following are some of the adverts the production company might recommend for companies using the videos for online marketing.

Linear Video Ads

These are at times called in-stream ads. Linear video ads are the ones you will see displayed while a YouTube video is playing. For most people, these ads sound like a nuisance to clients who are watching other types of content. There are however different methods you can use to guarantee your ad has high engagement. You can, for instance, opt for an advertisement without a ‘’skip ad’’ option.  The recommended video lengths for linear ads is 15-30 seconds, and the supported files include VAST, mp4, x-flv, and MPEG.

Out-stream Video Ads

These ads will not be accompanied by other content. They run on standard ad placements on the corners of written online articles. Out-stream videos are easy to view and have a high engagement. This is because they will not interrupt other content on your pages and allow your clients to engage with your content effortlessly. The supported files and recommended video lengths are the same as those in the in-stream ads. You can thus use the same video for in-stream and out-stream adverts.

Interactive Video Ads

These are your best choice if the primary goal of your video adverts is engagement. The interactive video adverts occupy the entire screen of a user’s device allowing various levels of interaction between the user and your ad. He/she can, for instance, sign up for a newsletter, click on the ad for more information or visit your online store. Interactive video ads have lengths of thirty seconds at most.

Webpage Video Ads

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These are the preferred ad options for most browsers. They are used for a specific brand or website and give clients more information on a company’s products and services. The ads will run on your webpage and as such attract more clients since this is what clients expect when they visit your page. Webpage video ads are placed on the right side of your pages.

Everyone with a smartphone nowadays assumes they can take the best video. This might suffice for your personal social media pages but will not for corporate video adverts. The costs of hiring a professional for the given video ads might seem unnecessary. Your guaranteed returns, however, make the price worth your investment.

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