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Unique Hotels and Inns around the World

For many travelers, staying in unique and unusual hotels is part of the experience. Adventurous travelers who want to free themselves from daily routine don’t just settle for boring luxury hotels. They seek accommodations that offer a memorable and thrilling stay, despite the hefty price.

If you have been traveling for quite some time, you’ll notice that most hotels look and feel the same. And while that may not be a significant concern for you, it wouldn’t hurt to check out hotels that offer exceptional experiences. Here’s a list of unique hotels worldwide for people who are starting to get bored in standard lodging.

Treehotel, Sweden

Unleash the hidden child in you and fulfill your dream of sleeping on a tree house once and for all. The Treehotel in Sweden offers a magical experience (yes, even for adults) as it comprises seven amazing pods placed in pine trees.

Guests can access their rooms by climbing a ladder or through electric stairs. Once you’re up, you will be greeted by incredible views of the Lule river, the woods, and the most magnificent aurora borealis. Make your stay more memorable by exploring the village of Harads and dining Swedish cuisine.

HI Jail Hostel, Canada

Let’s admit it, once in our lives, we wondered how it’s like to sleep in a jail cell. And while the idea may seem frightening, you can relive your childhood curiosity by checking into the famous HI Jail Hostel found in Ottawa, Canada.

The idea of the interior designer is simple, to give guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience by allowing them to sleep like an inmate. You can choose to sleep alone or sleep with other guests, most likely sleeping with another prisoner. You will regain your freedom in the morning with a tasty breakfast and a jail tour. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

The Muraka, Maldives

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is already famous for being out of this world. In 2018, it launched an under the sea accommodation with stylish interiors and all-day, all-night butler service.

But they did not stop there. The hotel teamed up with world-class engineers and architects to create a hotel room that features the enthralling marine life of Maldives. What’s impressive about this is that the room was constructed in Singapore and then transported to the Maldives, affixing it right in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Giraffe Manor, South Africa

You can find Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. This exclusive boutique hotel features class and elegance that reflects the 1930s. With its majestic facade, timeless interior, magnificent garden, and great courtyard, guests can feel like they are in an African film.

However, the hotel offers something more unique. Giraffe Manor is typically surrounded by Rothschild giraffes who freely roam around and visit the guests in the morning. Here, you will see giraffes poking their heads in your room window, hoping for a delicious treat. After greeting the guests, they go back to their sanctuary.

Sun Cruise Resort, South Korea

The Sun Cruise Resort is located on a cliff in Jeongdongjin, a famous tourist destination boasting the finest view of the sunrise in the country. In fact, the Sun Cruise Resort is included in South Korea’s most prominent tourist destinations.

What makes the experience different? For starters, the hotel is designed as a cruise ship on land. The hotel was strategically constructed on top of a mountain, overlooking the ocean. It comprises 211 hotel rooms, a Korean and Western restaurant to satisfy your cravings, a karaoke, nightclub, pool, and sky lounge.

Icehotel, Sweden

The Icehotel is the first-ever hotel in the world made out of pure ice and snow. Established in 1989, it’s reborn in a brand-new facade every winter. The hotel offers 150 cold and warm rooms for its guests. Cold rooms are decorated with ice and offer beds made out of ice and covered by reindeer hides.

How will you sleep in the cold? You have to use a thermal sleeping bag. Apart from its unique rooms, Icehotel also offers an ice bar, ice church, heated restaurant, ice sculpting studio, lounge, wilderness campus, and meeting rooms.

Dog Bark Park Inn, U.S.

Dog Bark Park Inn is always on the list of hotels that offer unique experiences. And that’s because of a very particular reason; the lodging is dog-shaped. It’s particularly striking if you love dogs, as the B&B is extremely dog-themed- from pillows, books, board games, cookies, bed rest, and curtains. The question here is, can you bring your dog? Absolutely yes!

Make your travel across the world more exciting by staying in these accommodations. They will surely make your adventure more fun and memorable. Don’t forget to try local delicacies as well for a more personal travel experience.

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