Vital Hair Care Guidelines After Chemotherapy Treatment

Lots of women are stunned to find out that their hair’s color and texture change after undergoing chemotherapy to battle the Big C. Some women find that their hair is now curly or wavy instead of straight and vice versa, while others find that their hair is now smoother and softer. Gradually, your hair will most likely go back to its original state. For now, however, you need to take extra special care of your mane.

Your New Hair After Chemotherapy

Some ladies will experience the start of regrowth even before the end of their chemo sessions. For most, however, regrowth will take place approximately three weeks after their last chemotherapy session. Initially, your hair will look like duck down. After a month, your real hair will begin to grow. Expect your hair to be about an inch long in the second month. It’s crucial to note that the time it will take for your hair to grow fully will differ from one person to another, and may depend on whether you originally have short or long hair before your chemo.

What Will My New Hair Be?

Expect your new locks to be silky soft like that of a newborn baby. In most cases, hair grows thicker, more wavy or curly, and is lighter in color. Eventually, it will return to its natural texture and color before chemotherapy. If you were into shorter hairstyles, you’ll see full regrowth in about six to 12 months. On the other hand, if you were into longer hairstyles, you can expect full regrowth in a couple of years, depending on how long you wish to grow your locks.

How to Safely Care for Your New Mane

caring for your hair

The one thing you need to remember when caring for your new locks is to be as gentle to them as possible. Follow these guidelines for best results:

  • Drying and Brushing – Avoid harsh or strenuous brushing and refrain from over-brushing your hair. Make sure to use a brush with very soft bristles, similar to what you would use on baby hair. When drying your hair, pat softly with a soft towel and don’t rub. Wear a hat, scarf, or some kind of head cover when going out to protect your head from heat rash and sunburn.
  • Products – Avoid bleaching or coloring your hair at least for a couple of months after chemo since your scalp will still be too sensitive for these products. You should likewise avoid using heat styling products and devices. Opt for gentle shampoos and conditioners as well.
  • Trimming and Styling – Have your hair trimmed every two to three months to get rid of the damaged ends. When styling your hair, it is immensely vital that you don’t place undue stress on your hair. Ask your go-to hairdresser in Orem for styles that will be more suitable for you.

Take the time to find out about what you can and can’t do with your new mane will help you care for your locks properly. Just be patient, follow the hair care guidelines above, and you’ll be able to see your mane in its full glory in no time.

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