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Wedding Guest Etiquette Everybody Should Know

Weddings are one of life’s most wonderful celebrations. Seeing two people profess their love with each other and is ready to be together forever is truly heartwarming. Being invited to an event as beautiful and as memorable as this celebration is nothing but an honor.

This is why when you’ve become a part of this heartfelt celebration, you’d want to make the most out of the experience. After all, the center of this whole event is the couple who choose to live the rest of their life together.

So, if your presence happens to be requested on one of your friends’ weddings, there are a few things you have to remember to ensure you’ll be in your best behavior during the event. Below are some of the things a wedding guest must never do.

Showing Up Late

While fashionably late can be considered cool at certain occasions, this can never be applied on weddings, especially if you’re a guest. For one, it’s not cool to snag the spotlight from the couple who are making their vows because the event is happening because of them. Besides, it’ll be embarrassing to have other guests give you looks just because you’re not on time.

Talking Endlessly During the Ceremony

You may be excited to discuss the couple’s amazing wedding rings from Washington or how the entourage looked amazing, but during the ceremony you better hold your tongue. This is a precious and adoring moment for the couple so at least give them time to savor this moment.

Being That Instagram Guest

As much as you want to capture the most perfect photos and share it to the world, try not to get in the way of the photographer. It is their job to take the best pictures, so don’t strip them off that job. You’ll have your own time getting a good shot, but for now let the photographer take over this moment.

Getting Drunk Before the Toast

Wedding guests drinkingYour body might be begging for a celebratory alcohol dose, but don’t go ahead before the groom and bride take their first sip. Just give this most special moment to them and don’t make a scene.

Additionally, drink in moderation during the event and not until you’re knocked over. Otherwise, how can you celebrate sincerely if you’re not sober? So keep things under control.

Being a Party Pooper

Socialize, chat and mingle to other people. If you’re invited to join the single’s game, please participate. While these type of events might not be your cup of tea, but try to enjoy it out of courtesy to the bride and groom.

Not Following the Dress Code

The reason people include dress code is included in the invitation is for guests to follow. If you go there in your jeans, looking like you’re just out for a walk, then you’re better off not attending. Try to respect the efforts of those who organized it. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to wear something decent once in a while.

Don’t be that guest everyone hates. Be sure you keep these pieces of advice in mind for the next time you attend a wedding. This way, you can help in making this occasion more special and memorable for the couples.

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