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Wedding Planning: What to Ask When Finding a Wedding Caterer

Weddings are usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Since it happens once in a person’s life, it’s only appropriate to choose a dreamy location where the wedding ceremony can occur.

Of course, no celebration would be fun if no food and drinks were being served. No matter how beautiful your wedding cake might look, nobody would be able to appreciate a masterpiece if everybody’s hungry and moody. That’s where wedding catering services come in. When the ring is worn and the “I dos” are said, it’s time for the celebration to start!

Although it does take a considerable amount of effort planning on a wedding and making sure that everything is up-to-speed in the wedding ceremony, it’s also essential that we consider the reception that comes after the wedding.

Critical Questions for Every Wedding Caterer

Just like when you’re hiring someone for a business position, it’s important not to hire the first person who offers their services. Asking questions is the best way of knowing their abilities, experiences with other clients, and their know-how in handling food and the reception.

How Do You Operate?

First and foremost, it’s essential to know how your caterer operates. How do they cater to guests? Some of the most common catering styles include:

  1. Traditional dinners — It is one of the oldest forms of serving food. Most of the time, traditional dinners are known for a more formal theme and are generally known for being more expensive.
  2. Buffet — Compared to traditional dinners, buffets are considered to be a casual way of serving food. You won’t have to pay extra for waiters or waitresses have to serve the food. Guests can also help themselves with their preferred portions. That is a better option for individuals that might also have allergies since they can choose their food.
  3. Family style — Family style dinners are also known for being a more ‘traditional’ means of serving food where everyone is sat on small table groups or a large table.
  4. Cocktail — Instead of having full meals, cocktail-style catering a will usually serve hors d ‘oeuvres or appetizers. Typically, this goes well with buffets or traditional dinners.

It’s essential to observe how your wedding caterer operates at different weddings and situations. Since these wedding caterers will be serving food for various individuals, it’s only appropriate that they meet sanitary standards. Some government agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will usually impose standards for processing meat and different food types. Thus, it’s only essential that these catering services keep pristine food processing flooring and clean equipment when preparing dishes.

Do You Have Testimonies From Other Clients?

One of the best ways of knowing how the caterer operates is through different reviews and testimonials. How versatile are they? Is the organization well-rounded for a variety of different themes and scenarios? Constructive criticisms from previews clients can help paint a larger picture.

You don’t necessarily need to ask them this question directly. Most individuals might pass off this question as the client being skeptical of their services. Since most of us can easily connect to the internet, it never hurts to do your research first.

Who Will Make the Wedding Cake?

cake designs

While some sole contractors will make the wedding cake, there are also wedding caterers who will make the wedding cake. If you precisely know how they operate in baking, this can help save you time looking for a wedding cake artist.

What About Drinks?

Most of the time, alcoholic drinks are served (although you don’t have to drink) at wedding receptions and dinners. You must ask if they have a license to serve liquor to guests. If the caterer doesn’t have a license, you might have to invest some time looking for a bartender.

Are There Additional Fees?

Lastly, you’ll have to ask for a rundown and quote for each service that they will be providing. If waiters and waitresses will help serve food, how will this affect the overall quote? Are there any performers that will be asking for extra bucks?

Overall, hiring a wedding caterer isn’t just about how well they dress their food or how well they can impress everyone at the wedding ceremony with a fantastic cake. It’s also about making sure that your guests are having a safe and sound time at the venue. Being a wedding caterer means being able to fulfill all the expectations of the client.

Although these types of questions might make you seem skeptical, it’s only there to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the reception. After all, nobody wants to have an upset stomach the next day. So before you do make any final decisions, try to take a step back and think long and hard on whom you are hiring for catering food at the wedding.

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