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A Traveler’s Guide: Helping You Stay Healthy While Traveling

When we think of vacations or holiday trips, most of us consider them a time for nothing but leisure or enjoyment. However, it’s not a really good idea to neglect your mind and body while traveling. We’re not referring to sticking with a strict diet plan or your regular intense workout sessions. What you need to do is to prioritize your health and wellness while you’re exploring new things and places. Yes, travel and health should go side by side.

If you are worried about not eating healthy, getting out of shape, or even catching a cold during your trip, here are some simple yet effective ways to stay healthy while traveling.

1. Bring your own snacks

One smart way of staying healthy on the road is having your snacks with you. Before or during your trip, head to a grocery store with a list of healthy snack options. That means no sugary or salty food. It’s best to pack your diet with whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. You can also visit local markets in the city you’re visiting, where they typically sell fresh veggies and fruits for a more affordable price.

Still, non-perishable or packaged foods are better options during travels as they don’t need a cooler or refrigerator. These include dried fruits, jerky packets, granola or protein bars, apple slices with peanut butter, and nuts and seeds.

2. Find healthy local restaurants and ingredients

Exploring restaurants while traveling is pretty obvious, but let’s be honest, it’s easy to order tasty meals and not think about nutritional values. Before your trip, research the menus and reviews of local restaurants in the city or country you’re visiting. Websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor are perfect places to get reviews from fellow travelers about the healthiest local restaurants. You can then list the best places where you can get healthy and tasty cuisines when traveling.

At the same time, if you’re traveling for longer, it would be best to cook for yourself. This won’t just help you save money during the trip but also allow you to try out recipes with the unique local ingredients you can find in foreign cities or countries.    Again, prepare in advance by researching some of the most popular local ingredients and recipes you can try out.


3. Engage in activities that spike your heart rate

Who says you can’t stay in good shape while traveling and having fun? Exploring new places means you get to try calorie-torching tours and activities. Some of these include rock climbing, paddling, swimming, biking, and hiking, which are common for destinations rich in natural wonders. Such activities are also an amazing way to see more of the destination and make exciting memories.

However, if you’re opting for these nature adventures, be sure to keep your body in check. In case you’ve experienced back or neck pain following the activities, it’s best to visit a health professional for pain management. This is even more important if you have a history of chronic pain. Better to be safe than ignore that body pain and jeopardize your entire trip.

4. Keep your mental health in check

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. While traveling is commonly referred to as a way to relieve stress, it can still flare up mental health symptoms if you’re not mindful. Avoid overwhelming yourself with activities, and schedule a day in your itinerary to rest and recuperate. You can stay in your hotel room and cook for yourself for the day.

Meditation is another helpful method that keeps you collected during stressful times, from navigating airports to trying activities out of your comfort zone. Or, you can try journaling, which has been an effective tool to improve mood and reduce stress. Some experienced travelers also recommend doing a pre-travel workout to reduce jet lag or listening to favorite tunes to help ease you into sleep. If you’re traveling alone, engaging in the local community is the best way to stay mentally healthy during the trip. Visit local coffee shops or bars and have a conversation with a waiter or barista.

There you have, six easy ways to stay healthy while taking your well-deserved vacation or holiday trip. Bear in mind that while travels are a fantastic way to get your well-deserved break, what you really deserve is a happy, healthy body and mind. By prioritizing this, you can experience more foreign culture, explore new destinations, and try more local cuisines from around the world.

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