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What It’s Like When Using a Massage Chair for the First Time

Stress can be inevitable. Between juggling work, family and other commitments, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed once in a while. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, 77% of people regularly reported experiencing stress-induced symptoms. People nowadays look for more ways to manage and cope with stress. Some folks practice relaxation techniques, while some take holidays and others make time for hobbies and interests. Some people invest in equipment such as massage chairs to help them alleviate stress.

Massage chairs were first introduced to the market in 1954. Intended to emulate the hand motions of a massage therapist, the goal was to relieve stress tension in the muscles. Massage chairs from Osaki and other brands are coming out on the market, each with different structures, features, and functions. People are buying these chairs to experience the benefits of massage in their own homes.

However, many people question why their muscles hurt after their first session. Here are some reasons their body feels sore after what should have been a calming experience on their first time with their massage chair:

Dormant Muscles

The reason is that your body is not used to the therapy. Muscles that have been dormant and tied up in knots for a while just got “worked out” and your body is trying to adjust. Like any other form of exercise, soreness is totally normal if you’re not used to getting one.


Muscles are 70% water and water plays a very important role in our body. If you happen to be dehydrated on the day of your massage, your muscle tissues will not be as supple and pliable. Unhealthy and dehydrated muscles, which feel hard and tight, don’t allow for good blood flow and easy movement. And since the massage chair is trying to work and loosen these tough tissues and muscles, you will naturally feel the soreness at the end of your session.

Machine Settings

One of the advantages of getting a massage chair is being able to control the pressure, the intensity, and the techniques used during the massage. Chairs come with adjustable settings, so it is important to choose the correct ones. Avoid increasing the intensity too much, especially when using the massage chair for the first time.

No Post-Massage Stretching

woman having a massageStretching can significantly help in loosening up tight muscles. It is a good practice to stretch after a massage to aid your muscles in adjusting to the sudden physical disruption and to the increase in blood flow caused by the therapy. A few gentle static stretches that hold the sore areas can be just what your body needs. The keyword here is gentle; avoid intense and aggressive stretching that can further tear the muscle fibers.

Massage chairs provide many benefits, such as stress-relief on a physical and psychological level. However, just like exercise routines or even human massages, your first time in a massage chair may result in muscle soreness. When this happens, you can look into the different aspects, such as whether or not your body is used to the sudden pressure, whether you are dehydrated, or whether you just need a good stretching session before and after.

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