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What to Do Before Going to the Salon for a Hair Dye

One of the most sought-after hair services at salons is hair coloring. People love dyeing their hair, and for a good reason — it’s easy and can change up your whole look. However, doing too much and not taking good care of your hair can damage your precious locks in the long run. Your hair can only take so much and if you abuse it, things can definitely go haywire.

Here, we will discuss a couple of things you can do before getting your hair dyed at a Dumfries hair and beauty salon to make sure you can keep your hair damage-free.

Book a Consultation with Your Colorist

Whether it is your first time getting your hair dyed or have done it a thousand times before, it is important to book a consultation with your hair technician or colorist. You definitely would want to be on the same page as them, as hair color can be tricky.

Hair colors could look different on different people, which is why it’s important to consider all factors, including your current hair color, skin tone, the condition of your hair, and so on.

Bring a Photo for Inspiration

If you want to achieve a specific hair color that you’ve seen on another person, then go ahead and bring a photo of that person at the salon. This will serve as a good inspiration and basis for the hair colorist.

However, always keep in mind that the color or dye might look different on you. This is why the consultation is important, as the colorist needs to ask you a few questions first before proceeding on dyeing your hair.

Use a Hair Mask

Woman about to apply a hair maskHair color and dyes can strip the natural oils off of your hair, and that’s the harsh reality of it. However, you can combat this by using a hair mask a day before your hair coloring appointment. Use the right hair mask for your hair — a deeply moisturizing one will most likely do the trick for most people.

Leave the hair mask on for more than its recommended time, so the moisture will lock into your hair. People usually leave it for at least an hour and with a shower cap on to soak the mask into their hair.

Go Easy if it’s Your First Time

If it’s your first time getting your hair dyed and you’re not that ready for a huge transformation just yet, then ask your colorist for something subtle and temporary. There are hair dyes that do not have too much pigment and can be washed out in a few weeks.

You can opt to go for a semi-permanent gloss to add a little bit of shine and pigment to your hair. You can also try subtle highlights to look fresh yet subtle in a nice way.

Before going to the salon, know what you want and make sure that it is final. Hair coloring is a huge dedication, whether it’s permanent or semi-permanent. Do these to make sure you won’t regret anything.

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