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What to Look for When Finding Your First Apartment

When looking for an apartment, you’ll likely be visiting spaces that fit a specific budget, space requirement, and location that you are aiming for. But if this is the first place you will be maintaining and living in yourself, you want to make sure that you check out the precise specifications in preparation for actually moving in. That is especially important if you’ve found a place you want, so you should ensure that these core factors are met before you sign any papers and seal the deal.

  • Good plumbing

Ask about this right away and don’t shy away from testing the sinks and the flush if you’re interested in getting the place. Even though residential plumbers can always come by and fix and problems that crop up, you still don’t want to saddle yourself with existing major issues that will end up being a hassle and costing you unnecessary extras. Plumbing should be a no-brainer because you don’t want to have to worry about every time you bathe, use the toilet, do the dishes, or even just wash your hands.

  • Efficient energy usage

On top of being a matter of sustainability, this can also determine the cost of your utility bills. If the apartment you get comes with appliances, check those out for their usage as well as any gas and light bulbs. Major deciding factors include the HVAC system and the way the area is built in terms of insulation and ventilation. Any poor form in these areas can end up with you paying more when the bills come.

  • Balanced commute

This factor has two prongs. The first is considering your transport options for your daily activities. The second is seeing exactly how busy the streets get and what types of transport sees a lot of movement at specific times. The latter is just as important because you may end up with a noisy area that isn’t restful if you don’t check for this.

  • Safe and clean walls


Depending on the age of the apartment, you want to make sure that the paint on the walls is made of lead-free material so it’s safe to breathe in, especially if it might be chipping off at some parts. From there, you want to do a thorough scan in the nooks and crannies of your walls to make sure there aren’t any problematic gaps hiding in plain sight and mold growths. Mold can be dangerous even in small amounts, and often grows from leaks, high humidity, and condensation that seeps in the walls.

  • Decent neighbors

Even if you don’t plan on necessarily being friends with your neighbors, it would be wise to make sure that you aren’t moving next to loud and inconsiderate individuals that could turn an otherwise perfectly fine apartment into a hellish experience. It’s also an essential part of the environment if you have any young members of the household or plan on raising kids.

These factors can spell what turns a prospective apartment into a home worth staying in. You can make a better decision when it comes to selecting one.

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