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Why Being Optimistic Isn’t as Easy as It Used to Be

Nobody likes being the party pooper; it just comes off as antagonistic to all the fun everybody could enjoy and mentally draining having to wiggle through those negative vibes. However, despite the unanimous decision to vote against bad vibes and somber tones, most people today have lost touch with optimism and can’t seem to regain their sense of fulfillment from the things they used to love.

Sure, some would chalk it up to the not-so-pleasant circumstances the global pandemic binds us in, the out-of-shape finances many households are trying their best to work out, or maybe even strained relationships and social dynamics for being so disconnected all this time. However, it all breaks down the same. And while we’d like to say people are getting back up on their own two feet, it seems like we’re all in quite the pinch, stuck between bottled-up emotions and disagreeable situations.

What’s Causing All This Unhappiness?

Realistically speaking, it’s a different world of challenges for every single person, so there’s no way of guessing or applying the same cookie-cutter outline as to what’s bringing you down or making you feel so lost. However, everybody can discern specific life aspects to be the main driving force behind general unhappiness, namely the feeling of discontent, being held back by your comfort zone, and your health and wellness taking the brunt of the damages.

  • You’re Stuck, Isolated, and Riddled With Discontent: Firstly, a common problem most people share today is that they’ve been isolated for so long that they feel stuck in life and can’t seem to move forward. What’s worse, all this time cooped up at home left only social media to remain sane, which caused people to compare themselves to the lives of others that only further barreled down discontent. Of course, the bits of fun from Thanksgiving Day still lingers, but not even a celebration can mask the pain.
  • Unable to Break Free and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Secondly, if it isn’t your circumstances or the isolation holding you back, then it can also be that you’re no longer willing to take that risk of stepping out of your comfort zone. Sure, it might come off as common sense to start rechallenging the world and putting yourself out there now that everything’s calmed down a bit, but the fear is still there. And even though you’re fully aware of the consequences, you end preferring the safety of keeping to yourself.
  • Your Well-being’s Taking a Massive Toll: Last but not least, our health and well-being directly reflect how we feel, and if these two factors have been taking quite the hit, then it’s no surprise why you’ve been feeling so low. Whether it’s caused by undue stress and burnout from work or the chaotic management of life’s responsibilities, people can only work under pressure for so long until they start to crack and break down. And while you may call yourself resilient, you could already be treading the fine line of doing too much.

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Start With the Little Things

Luckily for us, no matter how hard times get or the challenges we end up facing day by day, it’s not impossible to fuel our passion and cling to hope once again. In fact, all that really matters is for you to start with the little things and slowly work your way up again until you feel comfortable. And, soon enough, you won’t even remember what those lowest points felt like because these experiences encouraged you to become stronger.

  • Look for a New Hobby to Bide the Time: Although it’s pretty common nowadays to tell people to look for a new hobby to introduce happiness back into their daily life, we don’t give enough credit for just how effective the solution can be. For example, starting a workout regimen now to get back in shape could quickly net you a healthy lifestyle and love for sports in three months’ time. Plus, if you’re more of a handy person, then that simple DIY project can lead to bigger renovations and extra time spent browsing hardware wholesaler sites like bannersolutions.com for some door parts.
  • Reconnect With Your Friends and Peers: In addition to finding a hobby to bide your time with, we think it’s best for you to reconnect with your friends and peers because who knows what they could be feeling now as well. Remember, it’s always much better to fight through your struggles with companionship because having someone by your side who understands eases the blow. Plus, if they’re going through hardships as well, support systems are perfect for lifting each other up.

Optimism and Happiness Demand Being in the Present

Overall, while unhappiness and sadness are things we can’t avoid in life, overcoming these moments is all about being in the present and acknowledging what you can now to make things better. So take it from us when we tell you not to give up because there’s a lot more fun waiting just ahead if you give it enough time, effort and just go with the flow.

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