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Why Not Visit These Top Destinations in Israel?

Israel is a beautiful country with a storied past, rich culture, and several natural attractions. You can easily fill your itinerary during your visit. There are ancient sites for Muslims, Jews, and Christians, the cities have a hip vibe with plenty to do, and the city has a creative buzz that will make you want to stay.

If you’re planning a trip to Israel, here are some suggested places and things to do for your itinerary:

Explore Jerusalem’s Old City

During LDS Israel vacations, you’ll likely visit Jerusalem. This historic city has ancient sites and a stunning skyline with the Dome of the Rock as its most recognizable structure. The old district is significant to the monotheistic religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The serpentine alleys and streets will make you feel like you traveled to a different epoch. It is also a popular pilgrimage site for many devotees who want to renew or strengthen their faith. Imagine the time when Crusaders and kingdoms fought over this metropolis several centuries ago.

Float Around the Red Sea

You’ll find the lowest place on the planet when you visit the Dead Sea. It is full of minerals the body needs and provides a memorable experience for everyone who visits. Float around, go swimming, and rub the water on your body to revitalize it. The area is also prominent in the Bible, as some scholars say that the cities of Sodom, Gomorra, and Jericho were here or near the sea.

The City of David

Israel statue of David and harp

Near Jerusalem is another ancient destination, the City of David. The story of this place dates back to the era of King David 3,000 years ago. You’ll find many archaeological sites that will take you to biblical times. The excavations have unearthed the First and Second Temple of Jerusalem. Hezekiah’s Tunnels were a primary source of water for residents. It has dried up, but it now allows visitors to walk through and see the engineering ingenuity of the Israelis.


A trip to Israel is incomplete for some without a trip to Nazareth. This destination is famous because of its direct link to Jesus Christ. It is a primary pilgrimage stop for many Christian visitors in the country. The holy sites will elicit a sense of awe and wonder for devotees. This was the town where Mary and Joseph raised Jesus and is home to many churches. Explore the bazaars and shop for souvenirs and drop by the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Visit the White City

Israel isn’t just about ancient history, the White City in Tel Aviv is home to many Bauhaus and international structures built during the country’s modern time. UNESCO recognized the importance of this district and gave it a World Heritage listing.

Mount Olives

If you want to exercise, climb Mt. Olives in Jerusalem. The viewing point provides stunning bird’s eye views of the Old City. The area is also a cemetery and home to ancient sites, such as the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of the Ascension. Jesus also prayed here before his eventual crucifixion.

The country has many ancient and historic sites and pilgrimage routes for both Christians and Non-Christians. Tel Aviv is a modern city with an infectious vibe characterized by restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes.

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