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Why You Should Build an Outdoor Home Gym

The pandemic has changed people’s routines and habits. Before, a person’s regular week consisted of traveling to work, eating out at a restaurant, having drinks with friends, and going to the gym. Now, companies have adjusted by shifting to remote work. Restaurants and gyms have closed, either temporarily or permanently. People are forced to a sedentary lifestyle. But you don’t have to stay inactive while you’re staying safe at home.

Here are five reasons you should build an outdoor home gym:

1. Privacy

Is there any place more private than you own home? You can install concrete fencing if there’s not a divider between you and your neighbor. If outsiders can see your yard from their balcony, you can also use bushy plants and trees to block their view.

One of the downsides in gyms is the lack of privacy. It’s hard not to feel conscious of other people. This is especially challenging when you’ve just started to work out. You’re not familiar with the routines and the equipment. It’s easy to feel like a fish out of water. There’s even a chance that someone is recording you which they could post on social media. This is an even bigger problem after you finish exercising. Men’s locker rooms are notorious for their lack of privacy. The best solution is to work out at home.

2. Safety

It’s sad to think but the future of gyms is in limbo. Several companies have filed for bankruptcy or closed branches permanently. While some states have allowed fitness centers to re-open, there are still strict safety measures you need to follow. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge gym-goers to wear a mask if they can. You also have to make sure that all equipment you’re going to use have been sanitized. Suffice to say, it’s hard to focus on exercise when you have to worry about contracting the virus the entire time. This won’t be a problem if you have a gym at home. You don’t have to wear a mask or worry about being close to other people.

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3. Mental Well-being

Working out is not only good for physical health. Studies have shown that it can be very beneficial for your mental wellness as well. It’s been proven to help treat and prevent depression and anxiety. The key is to make it a habit and do it long-term. To do so, you have to start early. Once your mental health worsens, your motivation to work out is even lower. If you a have an outdoor gym at home, it’s easier and more convenient for you to work out. You won’t have an excuse to avoid physical activity when all you have to do is go to your yard. The outdoor factor helps as well. If you don’t have plants in your yard, there’s another reason why you should buy some. According to Harvard Health, spending 30 minutes around greenery can boost your mood. You don’t even have to have a green thumb. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants you can get for your home.

4. Social Connection

Figures from the World Health Organization show that more than 80% of kids around the world don’t get enough exercise. With the emergence of game consoles and social media, it’s not surprising. You can urge your kids to get more exercise by making it more accessible at home. You can install a rope or use balls to make up your own games. It’s even better if you join in the fun. It’s a healthy bonding activity that’s fit for the entire family.

If you don’t have kids, you can invite friends so you can work out together. Research has found that working out with a friend helps people to commit to their routines.

5. Personalized Experience

One of the best things about doing stuff at home is that you’re completely in charge. You don’t have to buy bulky equipment if you don’t want to. If your preferred method of exercise is yoga, you only need to put a mat. If you’re worried about bulky gym systems messing up your yard, you can opt for portable equipment. Opt for dumbbells that perform the same function and can be easily hidden. You can also try suspension trainers, jump ropes, and ab wheels.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships or risk your safety at fitness centers. You can get fit and healthy right at home. The only thing you need to do is to find out what works for you. Whether it’s Pilates or using weights, you can stay active as long as you’re motivated.

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