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Winter Wars: Your Home vs. the Weather

Whether you anticipate or dread it, winter comes every year if you live in a four-season country like the United States. Accordingly, Chris Dolce of The Weather Company reports that 49 out of 50 American states experience snowfall, with Florida being the sole snow-free exception.

For instance, Salt Lake City, Utah has a naturally cold climate, in which an average annual snowfall of 47 inches can be observed. In comparison to a tropical island like Bali, Indonesia which luckily has an 86 °F day temperature and seven hours of sunshine even in December, winter can be tough in Salt Lake.

However, there are several things you can do to prepare for winter. Aside from buying thick winter clothes, you also have to winterize your home to keep it warm and protected. Here is a basic guideline that can help you get started:

Living room

Needless to say, you need to maintain an acceptable temperature in your living room or receiving area, especially since it’s the first room that you walk into upon entering your house.

Install a storm door so your actual door can be protected with an outer shield against harsh environmental conditions like gusty winds. This type of door offers an extra layer of insulation around the main entrance of your home. It’s also vital to conduct a thorough inspection of cracks and gaps in your windows and use weather-stripping or caulking on any penetrable holes. Moreover, sealing the keyholes of your doors is effective in keeping the heat enclosed inside your house.


Like what you did in the living room, it’s important to also check the condition of the windows in your bedrooms. Patch up any hole or crack to prevent energy wastage. You can even add insulation films to your windows to keep hot air contained and trapped. Next, you must make sure that you have an adequate supply of sheets and bedding that are thick and warm enough. Choose heavy materials and fabrics like wool, fleece, or cotton flannel.


Of course, after a chilly day, the best way to relax is by soaking in a hot bath or having a long hot shower. Be sure that your water heating system and its thermostat is in tip-top condition. If you notice anything wrong with the way it performs its functions, contact a water heater repair professional for your Salt Lake City, Utah home.

You should also inspect plumbing vents in all the wires, pipes, and ducts in your bathroom. Hire a plumber to mend any leaky ducts in your property, as a DIY effort may not deliver long-lasting results.


Fully equipped kitchen

According to Amanda Walsh of Recipe Geek, it’s essential that you also make sure your kitchen is equipped. Do an inventory of your storage areas like the pantry, counter, fridge, and freezer. Discard expired or spoiled food items, as well as summer,  treats like popsicles and ice cream (because clearly, you won’t be eating those). Clean and wipe your fridge and line the bottom with paper towels. Check for any liquid leaks.

It’s also advised that you stock up your pantry with warm beverage powders like chocolate and coffee. Stock and canned cream for making soups are also a good idea. Spices such as thyme, rosemary, ginger, and pepper may also come in handy. Lastly, rearrange kitchen items on counters and cupboards, and make the necessary ones — mugs, cups, and bowls — more accessible and easier to reach.

Winter can be tough so your house should be tougher. Remember, with diligent preparation, you can successfully fortify your property.

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