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Wonders of St John’s Woods

A place of wonder

St John’s Woods is a magical, beautifully preserved sanctuary of a village in the centre of London. Renowned for its Victorian era canals, Italian-style villas and proximity to the cities most revered attractions – such as the West End and Regents Park. Also, in St John’s is the zebra crossing that the Beatles forever immortalised on the front cover of their 1969 album Abbey Road, which is a tourist attraction to this day. One of the most attractive qualities of the area is its true sense of community which it has retained throughout centuries since its formation in the early days of the 19th century. This is largely due to the strong relationship between the members of the community and the services in the area such as medical and dental practitioners.

Patients come first

dentist showing patient result or process One practice which operates out of St John’s and helps to contribute to the communal spirit the area is revered for, is Aura Dentistry. Here each individual patient needs, and requirements are catered to specifically, without offering a one-size-fits-all approach which is common place in other practices throughout the city. Bespoke, patient orientated dental care is offered to all ages and walks of life across a range of cosmetic and structural procedures – and is only carried out by practitioners that the patient trusts wholeheartedly. Friendly consultations and lengthily discussions are the initial step to any treatment here, however when patients feel ready, a wide array of cosmetic and structural procedures are available. Fused metal braces are one such structural procedure which is available here, which are conventional ‘train-track’ braces constructed out of titanium and stainless steel and fused to the front of a patient’s teeth to gradually align them to the specifications set out before treatment begins. These are available in a number of colours. Another form of braces offered here is Ceramic Braces which are similar in that they are fixed to the front of the patient’s teeth, however they are constructed from clear plastic or ceramics so they are near-impossible to detect from the outside. Lingual braces are also offered here, which are similar to the above, only they are fitted to the backs of a patient’s teeth and as such are obscured from the front – thus allowing the user to undergo dental alignment without altering their appearance.


Another procedure offered here is the installation of dental implants. These are only used as a cosmetic solution in case where teeth have been damaged beyond repair or lost – and work by bringing the gap in a patient’s mouth with a false tooth. The process of installing dental implants initially consists of a small hole being drilled into the patients gum where the missing tooth is, and a titanium screw being fixed within the hole. Then, after a brief healing period, a false tooth – or denture – made out of plastic or ceramic is then fixed into the screw in their mouth, thus effectively providing the patient with a new tooth that is virtually indistinguishable from the rest to their teeth. Implants can vastly improve a patient’s self-esteem and restore their smiles to the standard they deserve.

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