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Your Kid’s Trip to the Dentist: Making it as Fun as Possible

As kids, your parents or grandparents probably controlled your sweet tooth at some point to spare you from the agony of having to deal with a set of teeth full of cavities. But, aside from making sure that you control your sugar intake, instilling proper oral hygiene at an early age is also something that done in various creative ways.

While brushing your teeth twice a day can quickly become a habit, paying your dentist a visit is a different story. Now that you are a parent yourself, it is essential to build proper foundations that will make it easier for your child to visit a kids’ dentist here in Lehi.

Start as early as possible

There right time to visit a dentist is before your child turns a year old. Yes, even those teeny-tiny teeth and gums need professional care. If your child is accustomed to having trips to the dentist even before they actually understand the concept of going to one, such visits will come naturally to them and will expel the element of fear and anxiety.

Play pretend

However, if you have a toddler or a child who is older and who is already starting to talk and slowly understand the concept of things, letting them know what to expect during such trips is important. In this case, creativity is key.

Playing pretend is one way to let a child know what to expect and see once they enter the clinic. This will make things less overwhelming for them. The more they are familiar with what is about to happen, the more they will be confident in their visit and hopefully enjoy them as well.

The simpler, the better

Talking with your child helps. However, make sure that you talk into their level of understanding. Simply stating that a dentist is someone who checks smiles and the sets of teeth would suffice. Also, this gives children the right level of trust to you as their parent and to their dentist.

It also helps to be calm before each visit and let your child feel that it is not a big deal. The calmer you are, the easier it will be to handle for your child.

Choose your words wisely

Cavities, tooth extraction, pain, and other dental related terms should be avoided as much as possible. Leave the explaining to your dentist, and they will surely have the right sets of vocabulary to use to get their message across to their young patients.

Work with a skilled pediatric dentist

Satisfied kid

Regardless of how confident you are in the skills of your dentist, if they are not a pediatric dentist, then you might be jeopardizing your child’s trips to the dentist without even knowing it. Having a skilled pediatric dentist means they are not only knowledgeable about your child’s oral health, but they also know the right approach to make the experience a fun one for them.

It is normal to feel nervous about your child’s first dental appointment. However, as a parent, your level of calmness and preparedness will have an effect on your child’s overall confidence and experience.

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