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An introduction to the divorce process

The thought of divorce is never a pleasant idea however if you feel as though you have exhausted all other avenues and are unable to resolve your marital issues, applying for legal separation or divorce may seem like the only option left and if so you may have to look for divorce solicitors in Guildford.

For some couples, a legal separation may be the more ideal option, as it allows both parties to live separately without legally ending their marriage. A legal separation may also be pursued by those who may not be sure they want to end their marriage or legal partnership or if either one or both parties have religious beliefs that go against divorce. If you and your spouse have been married for less than a year, applying for a legal separation may also be the most ideal option for you.

Am I eligible for a divorce?

One of many common questions asked by individuals who are considering divorce is whether they are eligible to do so. If you are located in either England or Wales, you will have to meet certain requirements before going ahead with divorce proceedings. .

In order to apply for a divorce, both you and your spouse must be permanent residents of the United Kingdom and your marriage must also be legally recognised in the UK. You also should have been married for at least a year before beginning divorce proceedings.

What can be considered as grounds for divorce?

There are five main reasons used by which you would need to prove that your marriage has been irretrievably broken and cannot be saved. These five reasons are adultery, desertion, unreasonable behaviour and separation for either at least two years or five years.

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My spouse and I have children together, how will the divorce affect our children?

As turbulent and hostile the relationship between two parties who are undergoing divorce proceedings may be, one important factor that both parents will need to consider and agree on is how to build an effective parenting relationship going forward for their children. If you are considering undergoing divorce proceedings and are unable to come to an agreement regarding your child or children, you may want to consider instructing divorce solicitors who may be able to mediate between both parties.

Divorce and how to proceed

If you are considering divorcing your spouse but are unsure of how to proceed, you may want to contact a divorce solicitor at a family law firm. As applying for a divorce is a big decision to make, before going ahead with divorce proceedings you may want to have a consultation with a solicitor. Luckily at your chosen family law firm the chances are they will offer a free consultation to begin with, at this there is the opportunity to have a discreet discussion with a solicitor. This allows you to consider your situation in detail and decide on the most suitable option for you.

As divorce solicitors are experienced in dealing with many complex matters within family law, during the free consultation they will be able to provide you with advice specific to your case and situation, ensuring that you can make an informed decision as to whether you would like to proceed with a divorce or not.

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