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Interesting Travel Ideas

Going to a resort or vacationing in a hotel are popular travel ideas. But for those looking for a new experience, something to change things up, they simply aren’t enough. Now that we’re halfway through 2021, more people are looking to go out and experience the big wide world. There are several exciting travel ideas for you to try. They might not be the newest or rare, but they’re all very much worth the experience and effort of arranging your trips.

Go On a Random Trip

Going on a random trip is something we often hear as something that people do. But very rarely have we ever experienced it on our own. Well, here’s a good reason why you should try it: nothing is as exciting as dropping yourself to a place you’re not familiar with and trying to figure it out on your own. Of course, this is best to do in a safe country, but the feeling of thrill and excitement is just like the adventures we read about in books.

Hike in the Woods

We’ve all seen movies and TV shows showing people enjoying their exciting hike in the woods. But not everyone has actually tried it. Some simply put it off due to not being the outdoorsy type, but hiking with friends is a unique experience that lets you enjoy the beauty of nature while creating shared moments with loved ones. Consider hiking with friends and family, this is an experience that you definitely won’t regret.

Try Out a Fishing Trip

Be it fishing in a lakeside area or fishing out in a boat, fishing is one of the most relaxing trips you’ll ever go to. The feeling of being near a large body of water while waiting patiently for a catch is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Try going on one the next time you feel too tired or stressed, there’s a lot of benefits to it besides the relaxation you’ll get.

Spiritual Travel

Here’s an interesting activity you can try: travel for your spirit. Many spiritual people go on a journey to find a deeper connection to their souls. Some go to India and meditate in its ancient temples. Some go to Israel to see the foundations of the Judaeo-Christian faith. Or you can also try visiting Mormon vacation areas to find more meaning in life. Traveling can help more than just your tired mind, but also your weary soul

Travel for Food

A popular reason why people travel is to get to try different cuisines. Why not take it to the next step and travel not just to eat, but to learn how to cook. Traveling so you can learn how to cook is a great way to bring home your experiences. It’s not like any other souvenir that eventually runs out because it’s a skill you carry everywhere, your trip gains more value as it adds to your experience and abilities as a human.

Consider Couchsurfing

If you have a lot of foreign or overseas friends or would like to make friends from different nationalities, Couchsurfing might just be for you. Couchsurfing is essentially a cross-country form of overnight: you stay at a friend’s house and then they stay at yours. It’s a clever way to both spend time with friends and travel overseas. For social people, or those looking to become more social, Couchsurfing is a great travel idea.

Budget Traveling Can be Fun

Giving self-imposed limits can be a fun activity, especially if you’re the type to challenge yourself creatively. Try traveling to a different city and challenge yourself to do as much on a limited budget. You’ll be surprised by how much you can actually do with a small amount, and you’ll even be more surprised by how fun the whole experience can be.

Go On a Geek Trip

Going to Akihabara to enjoy Otaku culture, or visiting the Harry Potter locations across the UK, or even going to Universal Studios can be quite the experience. If you enjoy these types of “geek hobbies”, it’s always a fun experience to go to the places where your interests are celebrated the most. So think about your next trip: if you’re on an anime binge, maybe going to Japan should be your next planned trip.

Traveling is such a fun and eye-opening activity that there’s a subculture surrounding it. But the important thing is to understand that any trip can be a great one, especially if you’re traveling with friends and family.

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