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Having a smile to be proud of is important for self-confidence, something that many people who do not have straight teeth are lacking.  Invisalign Weybridge is chosen by many patients who want to feel good about the way they look and present their best possible selves to the outside world.  This guide answers the questions that people need answers to about this treatment, exploring what it is exactly, what life is like when wearing these braces and some of the advantages of choosing this option.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for people who are keen to have their teeth corrected later in life.  It is completely different to the usual braces with wires that have become the badge of orthodontic treatment.

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Instead of permanent fixtures on the teeth for the whole period of treatment, Invisalign features removable sets of soft plastic that are worn as a completely clear cover over the teeth.  These sets are called aligners, and the patient is given new ones every couple of weeks until the teeth are completely straightened.

Can a person be too old to get these braces?

One of the reasons that clear braces are so popular is because they are barely noticeable to others.  This makes them a very appealing option for older patients who may feel self-conscious about the idea of wearing braces.  There is no age limit, and patients of almost all ages can benefit from having this treatment.

What changes does the patient have to make?

Invisible braces require the least in terms of lifestyle changes when compared to other types of teeth straightening methods.  Because they are removable, there is no need to change the diet in any way and the patient can eat whatever takes their fancy.  The aligners can also be taken out for other reasons, such as engaging in contact sports or playing a wind instrument.

However, it is worth noting that if treatment with Invisalign is to be most beneficial, the braces should be worn most of the time.  Orthodontists recommend that they remain in place for around 22 out of every 24 hours.  This means that there is a degree of discipline required around mealtimes and snacking.  In addition, the only beverage that the patient should consume while wearing aligners is water.  Other drinks should be limited to the two-hour window during which they are removed.

How long does treatment take?

The length of time that is required for treatment with Invisalign is dependent on the needs of the individual patient.  Therefore, they should discuss their expectations before embarking on the process.  However, as a rough guide, many patients have the results they want within months.  This makes clear braces an appealing option for people who are keen to get a great smile as quickly as possible.

What happens afterwards?

Many patients opt to get their teeth whitened after completing their treatment with invisible braces.  This can give the smile an extra boost.  It is usually recommended that a retainer is worn at night to help ensure that the teeth stay in their new and improved position.

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