What to consider before lip augmentation treatments

Thanks to our always-on-camera lifestyles and the desire to look our best, non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures are at an all-time high. In fact, research shows that non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures like facial injectable treatments are viewed as the new beauty norm.

A VICE UK Snapchat report has shown that out of 51,000 respondents aged between 13 and 24, more than half – 59% – are of the opinion that beauty treatments such as lip fillers in Kent are on the same level as that of getting a manicure.

But while these types of procedures have become the norm in society, what is still ever present is the risks these procedures carry with them, particularly if the aesthetics practitioner is not suitably qualified, trained and armed with the relevant skill set. Concerns raised by The Royal Society for Public Health regarding non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as fillers include infection control.

While the choice of aesthetics practitioner is arguably the most important factor when considering non-surgical cosmetic procedures, there are other weighty considerations to bear in mind too.

Factors to consider when thinking about facial injectable procedures

You may be well-acquainted with the benefits of lip augmentation procedures, but are you fully aware of the risks involved? It is important to ask as many questions as you can about the side effects and what could go wrong. Infection is a common concern as is bruising, blocked vessels, scarring, bleeding, tenderness and a lumpy appearance. Make sure to find out warning signs to look out for and what to do should you have a negative reaction.

Does the treatment plan on offer match your individual needs and goals? The aesthetics practitioner should work with the natural proportions of your face and tailor the treatment to suit your beauty objectives.

Factor in an aesthetics clinic that prioritises patient safety. As the success of aesthetic procedures is heavily dependent on results, it pays to choose a practitioner who has earned your trust. To gain this confidence in your chosen practitioner, it would help if you spent time researching the product as well as the practitioner.

Ask why a specific brand of product is used and not another. Not all product brands are on an equal footing, with some being better quality than others. Also, ask about other patients’ experiences with the product and their satisfaction with the outcome of their procedures.

Consider any downtime that may apply. Feeling all excited about your upcoming procedure and the fantastic results that await you is one thing, but it is important not to forget that you may have to deal with downtime. It should also be noted that results may not be immediate and that you may have to wait a week or two before results are visible.

Be prepared to listen to the advice and guidance given by your practitioner. Some patients have been over-eager in their use of facial injectables, and further procedures may not be effective anymore. Others who may not be suitable for the procedure are those who may be allergic to the product, are pregnant, or have an active infection near the site.

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